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The story begins with you awakening in a bedroom in his castle, bereft of all your gear except for your holy symbol. Not wanting to become his vampire spawn or dominated thrall, your character will need to find a way to escape Castle Ravenloft alive.

(Middle-Earth D&D5E) Wilderland Adventures, EP1: Where Rivers Run with Gold

My kids both agreed that this was the spookiest of the books. They squealed in surprise quite a bit — in a good way — and decided they did not want to read this book near bedtime. However, it is definitely the scariest Endless Quest book to date, so it will not be for everyone. The majority of the endings involving dying trapped within the castle, a good number involving dying during or after your escape, a few endings leave you trapped within the castle but alive, and a good number result in your escape and survival.

Despite its lethality, both of my kids adored it. Most of the time my kids were invested in trying to save themselves and figure out which characters were trustworthy and which would betray them. But, after the introduction of Gertruda, their priorities changed, and they became determined to save both her and themselves. Some of the endings involving Gertruda give you difficult decisions to make, such as putting yourself in danger and potentially missing your chance to escape in order to save an innocent — or not! My kids agonized over that a bit, but never chose to abandon the girl — unless they were sifting through the book to try to find the endings they missed.

He also really liked an ending where you escape the castle but get transformed into a werewolf. My daughter, who has a terrible fear of werewolves, did NOT like that ending at all. Instead, her favourite parts of the book involved interacting with the traitorous Pidlwick! This book involves a lot of subterfuge, interacting with other characters, lies, and betrayal — both from you and the people you meet along the way! My kids really enjoyed this, and were often surprised at the results of their choices.

There were lots of interesting characters to interact with, including the mind flayer Cephalossk, tiefling sisters Violence and Turbulence, and the night hag Wormriddle. Although over half of the endings left you dead and without one of the multiple spell books hidden throughout the academy, the rest all involved your survival, with about half of those also letting you escape with one of the spell books.

Both my kids and I really enjoyed the Endless Quests books. I highly recommend them for any kids who have an interest in fantasy novels, adventure novels, choose your own adventures, or tabletop RPGs. Best of all? My kids have read and re-read these books over and over again.

Blood Feud of Altheus (Puffin Adventure Gamebooks) - PDF Free Download

My family and I would like to give a special thank you to Penguin Randomhouse Canada, for providing us with advance copies for review. August is a crazy month for d20 releases, so buckle up! Both of my kids are huge fans of these books. This was the final Pathfinder First Edition adventure to be released. But, as First Edition comes to an end, Second Edition begins.

This massive page tome contains almost everything you need to get started playing Pathfinder Second Edition. With a highly intuitive gameplay system, and incredibly varied character development choices that can be made at every level, Pathfinder Second Edition is shaping up to be absolutely awesome. GMs, like myself, will also need one other book to play: Bestiary! Finally, this month brings us five Pathfinder Society Scenarios! Pathfinder Society Scenario Origin of the Open Road , written by Ron Lundeen, is an introductory adventure that takes place in Quantium and is intended for level five pregenerated characters.

Deadlands Classic: River o’ Blood PDF

Fat Goblin Games has two great looking products already out. Fellow Travellers: Animal Companions by Taylor Hubler contains over fifty new animal companions, while Game Changer: Alchemical Tools by Matt Roth contains over one hundred new or expanded alchemical tools from levels one through twenty. Upcoming releases include more ancestries, and class feats. My daughter has decided to make at least five jackalope characters — one for each heritage — so my PDF is proving well worth the money.

Although Pathfinder Second Edition is drawing a lot of attention, the Starfinder team is not to be outdone! And finally, WizKids! This set of random booster boxes features 45 different plastic pre-painted miniatures. Early in July I participated in a mini-competition on Freelance Forge a very welcoming private forum for freelancers in the tabltetop RPG industry that I highly recommend aspiring freelancers join!

The goal of the competition is not to win, but to get inspired, practise making creatures, and to give and receive feedback on each others creations, so that we improve our skills. With the competition over I decided to incorporate some of the feedback I received and post my newly-polished, explosive little creature on d20 diaries. Aglow Ex A scintrix increases the light level by one step out to a radius of 10 feet.

This glow is suppressed while the scintrix is invisible.

Brilliant Bolt Su As an attack, a scintrix can shoot a brightly colored bolt of energy from its body at a single target, which explodes upon impact in a shower of sparkling rainbow-hued light. This attack has a range increment of 60 ft. Explosive Entrance Su A scintrix that uses its bite attack while under the effects of vanishing trick reappears with an explosive bang and a flash of scintillating colors.

Any creature within 10 feet, other than scintrix, must succeed at a DC 13 Fortitude save or be blinded for 1d3 rounds; on a successful save the creature is instead dazzled for 1d3 rounds. Vanishing Trick Su As a standard action a scintrix can cause its body to disappear, leaving only its eyes and mouth visible.

This functions as if the scintrix were invisible. The scintrix can maintain this invisibility as long as they desire, though it ends immediately if the scintrix attacks, sleeps, falls unconscious, or dies. Click here. Advanced Search.

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Servants of the Blood Moon. Watermarked PDF. Average Rating 3 ratings. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.

Reviews 3. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Megan R. Fancy creating a new legend about heroes protecting an ancient elven forest? Things have gone terribly wrong in the forest of Myereth, where the ancient rowan trees are dying since an evil sorcerer slew a unicorn and the elven defenders of their sylvan [ Having a module that can be dropped into an existing campaign without much work is always helpful to a busy DM.

Curt T. No spoilers. Servants of the Blood Moon is a good value. This AEG adventure can be dropped into most fantasy settings with ease. I especially liked the rumors; this extra touch aids the DM in befuddling the players. Only the slight differences betwee [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. Pathfinder Blowout Sale. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying. Cypher System. Eclipse Phase.

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