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  1. Disruptive Child Behavior Problems
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  3. Carter, Robert T. (rtc10) | Teachers College, Columbia University

A resource of best practice guidance for athletics administrators and campus partners to use in support of student-athlete mental wellness. A training video to provide coaches with communication tools to have meaningful conversations about well-being with the student-athletes on their team and on their campus. A worksheet to assist member schools identify tasks and resources associated with a comprehensive approach to understanding and supporting student-athlete mental wellness.

A video for all audiences to use in understanding the importance of supporting student-athlete mental wellness. A handbook for coaches and athletics administrators with information to quickly and effectively support college athletes who are at risk of mental health concerns or are experiencing emotional symptoms.

Disruptive Child Behavior Problems

This report is focused on the mental health issues of all college students and is designed to raise the awareness of campus staff members in support of student mental health and well-being. A resource for student affairs and student health services staff who work outside of athletics to understand the unique cultural aspects of college athletes and educational approaches for working with athletics staff and student-athletes. The Palgrave Handbook of Ethics in Critical The Handbook of Security.

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The Palgrave Handbook of the International The Palgrave Handbook of International Development. Worked in consultation with program directors to maintain the career center, develop grant proposals, and troubleshoot agency problems.

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November, Race-based Traumatic Stress Injury: Assessment and recognition. October, Race and Racial identity in Psychotherapy: Practical Applications. Boston, MA. August, April, Publishing in The Counseling Psychologist. Invited Presentation Panel of Journal Editors. March, Kansas City, Mo. Invited Training Session. Chair and Presenter. Forsyth, S. The benefits and costs of teaching about race and culture. Symposium on confronting resistance and maintaining resilience in multicultural teaching, research and practice - by division 17 section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity with J.

Trimble and M. Developing cultural competency in mental health organizations and programs. Panel chaired by Arthur Evans; Toward an empirical framework for cultural competence - by division 18, presentation at the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, Hawaii. Professor Robert Carter of the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology is conducting a nationwide online survey to determine how racism has impacted the lives of respondents.

Publications & Scholarly Works

Participants in the TC Winter Roundtable, "Strategies for Building Cultural Competence in Psychology and Education" on February 20th and 21st witnessed the introduction of some notable new features at the conference, in addition to its renowned presentations, workshops, and keynote speakers. For two days in February for the past 16 years, the Winter Roundtable has brought together practitioners, researchers and students to explore cross-cultural issues in psychology and education.

According to research co-authored by Professor Robert Carter, black Americans may have adverse mental health effects from perceived racism. In a paper published online by the American Psychological Association's Journal of Counseling Psychology, perceived racism may cause mental health symptoms similar to trauma in Black Americans, according to new research co-authored by TC's Robert Carter and Alex Pieterse, an TC alumni. Welcoming new employees, and celebrating promotions and long-term staff anniversaries. One of the most compelling stories of collaboration throughout our history has been the work of our faculty in psychology.

The United States is becoming a majority non-white nation. To truly level the playing field, non-whites will need to reclaim and recast their own narratives.

Carter, Robert T. (rtc10) | Teachers College, Columbia University

Select a page. Educational Background Licensed Psychologist. Psychiatric Times, 23 14 Biographical Information. Robert T. Carter, Ph. His research and scholarship focuses on issues of race and culture. He is internationally known for his work on White and Black racial identity. Carter has applied analyses of race, racial identity, and culture to psychotherapy process and outcome, legal issues, organizational development, health disparities, disaster mental health and preparedness, and educational equity.

He has published more than 75 journal articles and book chapters and he has authored or edited books 7 books. His most notable works are - The influence of race and racial identity in the psychotherapy process, : Wiley.

His most recent area of inquiry is on the stressful and potentially traumatic effects of racial discrimination. He is currently an Ira Glasser Racial Justice Fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union exploring the legal implications of racial discrimination and psychological injury.

He also works as an expert witness, legal and organizational consultant. Honors and Awards. Professional Experiences. Private Clinical Practice , Individual, couples, and families. Private Consulting Practice , present. Organizational and legal consulting. Conference Director , Research Associate , Associate Counseling Psychologist.

Supervised doctoral students, conducted therapy groups and individual psychotherapy. Research Assistant , Counselor , Counselor , Summer, Teaching Assistant , Adjunct Instructor , January-May