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These fluctuations extract momentum and energy from the cosmic rays, and transfer it to the gas. The end result is that the cosmic rays and thermal gas are strongly coupled together.

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This works very nicely in hot, fully ionized gas. This means that the cooler gas seen in outflows from other galaxies must be driven by another mechanism, or must have formed once the wind had already been accelerated.

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We are applying similar ideas to other galaxies, where conditions can be quite different. Elements heavier than iron are significantly more rare in the cosmic-ray flux but measuring them yields critical information to understand the source material and acceleration of cosmic rays. SuperTIGER is a cosmic-ray balloon instrument measuring cosmic-rays heavier than iron to explore the source of cosmic rays and their acceleration sites.

SuperTIGER's first flight lasted for 55 days, a record in duration for an Antarctic long duration scientific balloon payload.

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  5. Even if we can't trace cosmic rays directly to a source, they can still tell us about cosmic objects. Most galactic cosmic rays are probably accelerated in the blast waves of supernova remnants. Bouncing back and forth in the magnetic field of the remnant randomly lets some of the particles gain energy, and become cosmic rays. Eventually they build up enough speed that the remnant can no longer contain them, and they escape into the galaxy.

    Cosmic rays accelerated in supernova remnants can only reach a certain maximum energy, which depends on the size of the acceleration region and the magnetic field strength. However, cosmic rays have been observed at much higher energies than supernova remnants can generate, and where these ultra-high-energies come from is an open big question in astronomy.


    Perhaps they come from outside the galaxy, from active galactic nuclei , quasars or gamma ray bursts. Or perhaps they're the signature of some exotic new physics: superstrings, exotic dark matter , strongly-interacting neutrinos, or topological defects in the very structure of the universe.

    Questions like these tie cosmic-ray astrophysics to basic particle physics and the fundamental nature of the universe. Confined by a magnetic field in supernova remnants, high-energy particles move around randomly. Sometimes they cross the shock wave. With each round trip, they gain about 1 percent of their original energy.

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    After dozens to hundreds of crossings, the particle is moving near the speed of light and is finally able to escape. Astronomer's Toolbox. Overview In the first part, the book gives an up-to-date summary of the observational data. Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents 1.

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    Cosmic Rays as Part of the Universe. Direct Observations of Cosmic Rays. Interactions of Cosmic Ray Electrons. Interactions of Cosmic Ray Nuclei.

    Gamma-ray Astrophysics

    Indirect Observations of Cosmic Rays. Statistical Mechanics of Charged Particles. Test Wave Approach 1. Waves in Cold Magnetized Plasmas. Test Wave Approach 2.

    Cosmic Ray Astrophysics Research Papers -

    Waves in Hot Magnetized Isotropic Plasmas. Test Wave Approach 3. Generation of Plasma Waves.