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  1. Where Is God in Difficult Times?
  2. Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy?
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In looking over the meaning of the names of these cities of refuge, we are struck with the distinctive characteristic of each.

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They are individually showing forth some particular feature of the character of Christ; and when taken as a whole, they illustrate the sufficiency of Christ as a Refuge to meet all of our need, and the need of all. To see the adequacy of Jesus Christ to meet our every need, consider the names of the cities.

He seeks us, finds us, and offers to us His perfect rest. Jesus promised to always be with us. He leads us through life, meets us at death, carries us to our eternal home, and is with us Emmanuel forever. When we are weak He is strong; when we reach the end of all we are—He has just begun.

Jesus knows our frame that we are dust. He is acquainted with all of our struggles and weaknesses. Is He easy for you to reach to? Are His arms open to you? Do you see His entrance as never locked, and that He is a completely sufficient refuge? Do you see that there is no other hope but Him? Do you see—Christ is better because He is nearer than any city of refuge. Now to apply what we have learned about Christ our forerunner prodromos who pulls us safely home; and Christ our city of refuge—let me show you how to find refuge each day in the Bible!

What does God seek as our response to hard times? Clinging to Him as our refuge—is the resounding answer. Turn with me to the most well known verse in the Bible using this special word. Thank you, Stephen, for allowing God to use you as a vessel for spreading the truth of the Gospel. Love this piece!

Praise God! Praise The Lord Bro. God is our Rock, our stability, our Safe Haven and so much more. He is everything we need when we need it. That is so encouraging! I told the spirit of Satan that I will believe The Bible and nothing will change that. Even though we experience trials and tribulations God is right There with us to see us through. Pain nourishes strength and courage so tribulation is necessary. Satan wants us to believe that we a fighting a loosing battle but he is a lie and the truth is not in him.

He will attack you through the people that are most close to your heart to come against you, because you choose to stand on the word of God and not compromise. That can be very painful and challenging but nevertheless not at my word but The word of God.

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Thank you for allowing me to share! Yes Psalm is my catch today. When I am afraid I will put my trust in the Lord. Thanks for the post. Thanks for the post — great reminder of our need to rely on God during hard times.. I just experienced that this weekend. My husband had a heart attack. He survived.

I was on autopilot through the whole thing. Psalm says: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Because lately, life has felt a bit more unstable than normal. The simple truth is that I need a refuge, strength, and a very present help in trouble. And the good news is that God is all of those things.

A castle is a refuge. A fortress carved into solid rock is a refuge. High walls are a refuge. And the glorious news is that God is our refuge.

Where Is God in Difficult Times?

David knew that God was his refuge. I offer My Heart as a shelter for hearts so that the mystery of Love may be alive in My children and they learn every day to love God, beyond all else. I offer My Heart as a refuge for the forsaken and as relief for those who need to re-encounter God. In My Heart I have a favorite refuge for each soul, a place to which it can return, and come back as many times as it wish.

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In My Heart there is one of the Seven spiritual Temples of God, inner Temples that express a love and a wisdom for all that was created in His image and likeness. My Heart is the favorite refuge for souls, the place where you may find consolation for the moments of tests, discernment for the moments of making a decision, healing for your spiritual illnesses, and mercy for your errors. My Heart is the favorite refuge for souls, because there you will find universal Peace and your Heavenly Mother will intercede for your lives and for your consciousnesses, in order to take you more each day towards redemption, that sacred offering that My Son makes for you.

My Heart is the favorite refuge for each being, because It is a Heart that offered Itself for the world to suffer together with My Son, to rebuild the spirit of innocence which humanity had lost.

Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy?

My Heart is the favorite refuge for souls, because in It you will find the revelation of that mystery of Love that moves the Universe and carries the Work of God forward on this planet. Rest your soul, your mind and your body in the arms of the Celestial Mother, so that after the sacred rest you find the inner strength necessary to carry forward.

In these definitive times, souls are defining for their lives the next stage of their awakening and walk. The more adhered and united the souls are to the need that the Universe presents, the greater will be the reason, for all, to respond to what is urgent and immediate. Then, in this cycle, the fulfillment of the Plan of the Father will depend on this true and unbreakable alliance that must exist between hearts and God. Thus, the Almighty will see that the action of delivering His most important Designs to the souls, who in this time must take charge of greater responsibilities, is just.

A deep and sincere openness will be enough to carry it out. From there comes the Divine Womb of Creation, which gives life and spirit to all beings, and which not only creates, but protects and accompanies all that has been created. A bridge to the heart of God, My children, this is how My Immaculate Heart expresses and manifests itself in your lives and in all the Creation.

I come to place your eyes in Heaven, on the intimate mystery of Creation, but I also come to place your eyes on Earth, in the intimate mystery that is kept in the reason for the creation of this planet. I come to reveal to you the Infinite shown through the Portals that I open to reach the world, and I also come to reveal to you the mysteries that emerge from Earth when My Feet touch the ground.

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Children, this is a life of mysteries where chaos lives with the most profound Love of God, and where the greatest treasure of creation hides among human beings, as pearls in the swamps of the world. My Immaculate Heart reaches you at this time not only to rewrite your histories and to give you a new opportunity to serve God. My Heart also comes for you to know your origin, your divine and universal history, and so that, by recognizing what you have to transform in the depth of your spirits, and at the same time knowing the potential you have to do it for yourselves, beloved children, you may know how to write the history of Redemption of this planet.

Your history does not begin in this world. The Origin of Creation is more than the clay that arises from human beings. Your beings come from a Perfect Essence and from unimaginable Sources of eternal Love and donation, which create and recreate the Universes. Rest your lives and your hearts in My maternal arms.

Christ Our Refuge - Robert Walker - Sermon Outlines and Preaching Ideas

Bring in your souls the loving unity with the Eternal God. My children, today again I call you to prayer, because a world and a humanity without prayer is a reality without God. For this dear children, united to your hearts I invite you to strengthen the spirit and the exercise of prayer, so that you will always find refuge in the Kingdom of the Father through the faith and the devotion to the Highest.

Dear children, as the Mother of humanity I ask that you unify your hearts through the praying exercise in the groups of prayer. Each group of prayer not only must be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart but also they must irradiate the light and love that they have received from the Heavens.